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Products and Projects:

• Synthetic Resorbable Staple Fibers.

• Synthetic Resorbable Multifilament Yarn.

• PGA, PLLA, and 90/10, 95/5,85/15 co-Polymers.

• Polyester (PET) and Nylon(PA-6) for medical applications.

• Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) for high performance applications

• Polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH),dissolves in water at specific temperatures.

• Custom Sutures (resorbable and non-resorbable).

• Crimped and Air Textured products.

• Bi-Component Fibers.

Staple Fibers

Cut or Crimped & Cut

3mm to 127mm cut lengths:

No Minimum Quantity Limits.

Inquire for Production Volumes & Pricing.

Additional Products & Services

Items on this page are a sampling of our total offerings. Please also see our Machinery & Services Page and don't hesitate to Contact Us at:

Phone: (321) 724-0966

Email: fiber@eds-i.com

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